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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

One: Jesuit Brothers' Meeting in Malaybalay

it's a rare opportunity for us
Jesuit brothers in the Philippine province to meet and talk about our vocation. Since there are no good places to visit in Malayabalay, Bukidnun other than the Benedictine Monastery, most of us stayed in the Jesuit Retreat House, talking and sharing experiences. It's surprising to know that there are good number of young breed of Jesuit brothers in the Society. There are Jesuit brothers in every stage of formation now: four novice brothers, one junior, one philosopher, one regent and one theologian. During one of our sharings, one brother mentioned that we came from different background, religious experience and calling but one thing that is common in all of us: that we love and desire to serve the Lord.
To see some of the pictures taken during the conference, visit:


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